Jarman drops jaws at London Met

An award-winning journalist turned lecturer at London Metropolitan University passed down humble words of advice to students aspiring to go into the same field last week, charitably giving up his own free time to give a group session.

(London Met on Holloway Road – Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Wales feature writer of the year Brian Jarman popped into a class on Tuesday to tell students exactly how he fell into the field, waving goodbye to all doubters and those who stood in his way.

Jarman admitted that he first thought up the idea when handing in an essay on human linguistics when he was a student himself. He was told by his university lecturer “you may not have the deepest penetration into the subject, but you know how to set it out. Have you ever thought about being a journalist?”

Jarman then explained how he went immediately to his careers officer who told him to “forget it” due to the sheer intense competition of the job. However, beyond all doubt he still applied and passed a postgraduate degree in the field and went on to work for his local newspaper in South Wales, as well as working at the South Wales Argus.

When asked on advice for any aspiring journalists wanting to follow in Jarman’s footsteps, he noted “you have to be persistent as a journalist, you have to know who you’re writing for or it doesn’t work.”

Jarman has ruled his field, not only working in the print sector but also taking the world of TV and radio by storm, grafting at notable companies such as the BBC. An inspiration to all journalism students out there, proving that with a little bit of hard work and persistence, anyone can do it.


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