Is fashion unfair?

In a world where everyone is a critic, fashion has never been so talked about as it is in today’s society. However, the industry isn’t as glamourous as it seems according to a panel who answered burning questions put forward by journalism students at London Met this Tuesday.

Markus Roberts-Clarke, Denise Brown, Daniel Lismore, Julia Robson and Barry Laden, who have a plethora of knowledge and experience across all boards of the fashion trade all gathered on the university’s Holloway Road campus to weigh in on the discussion, however still planting seeds of motivation to aspiring fashionistas in the room.

usd(From left to right; Markus Roberts-Clarke, Denise Brown, Daniel Lismore, Julia Robson and Barry Laden)

Lismore, who according to the Coventry Gazette has been deemed “beautiful, big and impressive,” by Vivienne Westwood, a globally recognised designer chipped in on how fashion should not be gender specific, in an age where people are still discriminative of those who are transgender and/or choose to cross dress.

“We’re confined so much with boundaries and we’re told who we’re supposed to be,” said Lismore, “you have to wear this if you’re a guy and you have to wear this if you’re a girl, we have these boxes that we conform to.”

“Just go and buy what you want to buy and go and wear it.”

Julia Robson, who has made a living from writing freelance about fashion also made a point regarding a lack of diversity within magazine and catwalk modelling, speaking of “blonde, blue eyes clones of models.”

“There is still this very old fashioned model of ‘you have to look like this to go into fashion’” said Robson, although adding “things are very gradually starting to change.”

(Lismore and Robson listen to Laden as he discusses the industry)

“I think things are becoming more diverse than they have ever been,

“We’re seeing more women of colour on the catwalk,

“The next generation will change it (the stereotype of models in the fashion industry).”

Lismore also added his thoughts on the topic in saying “I’ve seen the worst things happen because of gender or where they’re (the models are) from.” “I was casting for a show and a stylist said ‘oh another black girl’.”

“I’m so fed up of the fashion industry being so discriminative all the time.”

In answer to the title of the event, the panel asked for a quick show of hands after the conference as to who thought fashion was fair. Apart from one or two, all hands stayed firmly down and a grinning Markus Roberts-Brown concluded by saying “our work here is done.”


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