D.I.Y giants aren’t doing much for themselves on Holloway Road

When you think of Holloway Road, what springs to mind? An endless number of betting shops and family run newsagents, the towering structure that is London Metropolitan University looking over the three kilometre stretch, or even the world-famous Emirates stadium peeking round the corner? If you know the area at all, you most certainly would never imagine sticking a B&Q halfway down this obscenely busy area which has little to no space to park a bicycle never mind a car.


Well, it’s happened. Ex Arsenal star Martin Keown cut the ribbon on B&Q’s first ever high street store in March this year, however the hardware firm have left themselves susceptible to mass criticism by opening in such a location.

Twenty-nine-year-old bricklayer Luke North said “Quite crap actually,” when describing thoughts on the new store, adding “really small you know? I mean a lot of B&Q’s, they’ve got a lot of choice but this is for only indoors mainly, they haven’t got much options.”

“It’s quite limited in what you’re gonna find.”

Entrepreneur Chloe Grimshaw, 30, who was picking up paint from the store also said “In terms of knowledge and expertise they’re nowhere near as good as the guys down there (a nearby store). They just know it inside out what they’re doing.”


…and of course, as it always does, the internet chipped in with its opinions:


It appears that the D.I.Y giants are going to have to plot out fresh blueprints on how to gain the respect of Holloway shoppers before cowboy planning leaves them lost for punters.


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