Finding a good heart is as easy as charity shopping

Having family who have struggled with homelessness throughout his life, Bechir Boughami had aspirations to decrease the numbers of people sleeping rough on the streets.

He made those dreams a reality when he volunteered for Shelter on Finchley Road, north west London, a location which has gone on to become the company’s first ever “Boutique by Shelter”, taking charity shopping to the next level by selling designer items.

picture1(By Geoff Wong – Flickr: Homeless II, CC BY 2.0,

Boughami, now 34, has spent the last six years of his life dedicated to the cause. He started from the bottom but now is a high flyer, as a store manager on Holloway Road, Islington. Juggling this with his other job as a translator, Boughami displays a real passion and desire when speaking about how homelessness has affected his life.

Boughami’s modesty in saying that when working as a volunteer he didn’t consider it a job suggests that his heart is in the right place and genuinely wants to play his part in making a difference.

“Homelessness is a big issue in this country,

“I have family who suffer, so I know how it is…the mess you’ll be in.”


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