Film foods, the furthest thing from budget

The price of tucking into a tasty treat in the cinema is too hard to swallow, said students on Holloway Road this Friday.

It has been a running joke since the dawn of time about how you may as well have to take out a bank loan in order to visit the concessions stand at your local Odeon, IMAX or Cineworld, especially if you’re a student who finds it hard enough to get by as it is.

Adam Shelton, a 17-year-old social sciences and humanities student at London Metropolitan University, described the prices at picturehouses as “too much” while tucking into his cheap meal deal on campus.

“For a student anything can be expensive,”

16710207_10212835094538134_1665290094_o(Oden on Holloway Road)

Classmate Khadijah Hibbert, 18, also explained that there are so many cheaper alternatives to save money when hunger strikes halfway through the film. Hibbert said that she tends to “either take it or buy it from a local supermarket before hand.”

untitled(Bare advertising on the Odeon website)

The nearest cinema to London Met is an Odeon on the same road. There is little to no information available regarding the cost of concessionary products on the Odeon website (potentially due to different pricing in different areas) apart from the advertising above which shows a couple of “deals” which could still be construed as daylight robbery.

Obviously it isn’t easy for students with the cost of smelly halls, a weekly shop of beans on toast and enough cheap vodka to kill a small rhino to keep on top of, but even for the average citizen it could be argued that prices in general are a little steep.

Oh well, there’s always a spoons in an old ex-cinema (The Coronet) just down the road…



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