It’s mental they aren’t getting the funding for it

Staff at St Martins on St Paul’s Road said Monday that they play their part in improving the mental health of people who choose to access their services, despite cuts in mental health funding.

St Martins has been concentrating on developing services for people with complex mental health needs since 2011.

(St Martins on St Paul’s Road)

Trish Macmanus, the 60-year-old receptionist for St Martins head office, said they provide residential care homes for people with mental health issues.

“We try and help people recover so they can live independently in the community.”

A 22 percent positive turnover was stated by St Martins in their annual review which was published last year, showing that 11 out of 50 people moved to lower support needs. In contrast, a considerably higher negative turnover of 36 percent was shown leaving doubt as to whether enough is being done. Could this be due to the lack of funding in the sector?

Lorna Zacharek, a single point of entry officer Hackney MIND (a mental health charity organisation) has a different view on “success”. She believes that “it would be very hard to say in any specific way,” how successful she believes MIND to be as it depends on the individual’s aspirations.

Zacharek also explained that MIND uses a lot of CBT and mindfulness in their work, teaching people coping techniques while waiting for care, proving that despite the cuts in funding, people can still get the help they require through the generosity of others.


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