Holloway Road PIEoneers hold the recipe to success

Londoners dreamt wistfully about a variety of meat pies this week, claiming that they were fed up with the classic mince and onion.

Director of Piebury Corner, Paul Campbell, 51 said: “traditional pie shops are a localised market, it’s a completely different product all together.”

16651410_10212803359024766_1370010905_o(Piebury Corner on Holloway Road)

“They (gourmet pies) sell well to the younger customer, millennials, they go for the artisan creations all day long.”


The pie deli dominating the Islington area since 2012, say on their website that although their name is a twist on the Gunner’s old stomping ground Highbury Corner, they “soon attracted a non-football clientele”.


Freddie Gould-White, a 23-year-old customer service assistant at Aldi argued that traditional pies are a thing of the past saying that his personal favourite is “chicken ham and leek, untraditional but more flavoursome than the minced beef”.

Gould-White also mentioned his favourite pie shop is G. Kelly on Roman Road, East London.

“It has the best atmosphere and feels like it hasn’t been changed much since opening, but you get a funny look if you order anything but the minced beef.

“The cockney lady behind the counter looks at you like you’re really putting them out.”

Campbell also recommended G. Kelly for a traditional pie and mash.


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