Writer gives students a valuable lesson in detention

A published author told journalism students at London Met University how she drove a campaign to end child detention centres last Monday.

Orwell Prize nominee Clare Sambrook said she refused to sit back and allow injustice to continue after hearing how a family were wrongly held in a detention centre.

“We called it End Child Detention Now because we wanted it to say what it was,” said Sambrook. “If we succeeded in ending child detention then we could end family detention.

“Two-thousand children a year (were being held) at the height of this.”

iraqi_refugee_children_damascus_syria(Child Refugees: Image Courtesy of Creative Commons)

Sambrook and her colleagues recruited help from celebrities such as Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn, Colin Firth and Nick Clegg while running their 18-month campaign.

Consequentially, the Liberal Democrats took forward a policy with aims of “ending the detention of children for immigration purposes” in their coalition of 2010.

Tashko Mihaylov, a 21-year-old student present at the speech said: “I think it’s amazing that someone would take such a long time to do something like that.”

“She has a family and she has kids, so for someone to do something like that…it’s amazing.”

Child detention however, is still an occurence within the UK, and although Sambrook raised mass awareness to this, it unfortunately has not put a stop to it all together.


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