Arsenal fans around the Emirates Stadium on Sunday said they were fed up with manager Arsene Wenger, following a rough patch leaving them trailing 12 points behind league title hopefuls Chelsea.

After a 3-1 hammering from the top of the league blues, and a 2-1 home defeat to Watford, some fans put Wenger to blame.

Waitress KC Bowley, 19, said: “I don’t think it’s very likely,” relating to the Gunners turning their season around and snatching the title, also commenting on Wenger’s presence as “stale.”

“I think maybe shaking it up would be good.”


Jamie Dickens, a 22-year-old producer for TalkSPORT, agreed with Bowley’s comments about Wenger, saying that their title run is “over…it was over before it even began.”

“I’ve been Wenger out for a while. We’ve got the players, we’ve got the squad… he’s almost starting to realise he’s coming to the end of his tether.”

(Fans on Arsenal Fan TV express their disgust)

Arsenal haven’t managed a first-place finish since their 2003-2004 “invincibles” campaign, in which they were unbeaten the whole season.

Dickens however also implied that he’s grateful for what Wenger has done for Arsenal, saying he’s “done so much for this club, completely changed the English game.

“I would never change my mind about him being a legend at this club.”


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