City farm teaches teens

A farm based in the centre of Islington is providing learning opportunities for children, said a worker last month.

Gaining its name after their animals used to be kept in the back of old wagons, Freightliner’s City Farm is located on just off one of the borough’s main driveway’s; Holloway Road and has been giving children from the age of 11 a chance to volunteer on the farm, educating themselves while doing so.


Liz McAllister, a 38-year-old manager at the farm said that “(the farm) was set up by people in the community who wanted to keep animals” in 1973 by London King’s Cross before they relocated to Sheringham Road five years later.

McAllister also went on to say “We do lots of school groups…we (provide) the training for them and it goes through a school accreditation board,” such as ASDAN and the Open College Network. As well as this McAllister mentioned programmes which accommodate those with mental health issues and learning disabilities saying “we do work placements for children who might need a bit more help than others.”


Peter Hall, a 52-year-old duty and café manager at the farm also spoke about the volunteering service at the farm. “For older children, especially part of the volunteer programme, we teach them about keeping animals and why we keep animals,” said Hall while telling visitors about the types of animals they keep on the land including a mix of rare and domestic breeds.

McAllister also went on to say that the farm is trying “to give people, especially children and young people a chance,” something crucial to their future, keeping them on the right track.



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