Jams on Holloway Road leave a sweet taste in shopkeeper’s mouths

A Holloway Road shopkeeper said today how against all odds, ongoing roadworks outside his business hasn’t caused a decline in his sales.

(The bridge replacement service on Holloway Road began August 2014)

Local business owner Sansul Islam, 34, said: “I’m getting the builders in (from the roadworks) but not my regulars because most of the people have cars,” before continuing with “they find it really hard to park and they can’t come in.” However although despite the fact that Islam’s regular customers weren’t able to access the shop he explained he hadn’t lost business.

“I don’t get the parkings, but I get builders and I get walk-ins.

“I don’t have any complaints because I have at least ten to fifteen customers from the roadworks.”

(Roadworks on Holloway Road)

Scott Baxter, a 49-year-old employee of Transport for London said the ongoing works will “squeeze the traffic down and (there will be) a little bit congestion,”said Baxter, adding “deliveries will be longer”.

Baxter, however explained what the benefits and improvements to the local area will be once the project described as “three months of misery” by the Islington Gazette is over. Things to look forward to include “brand new pedestrian crossings, extra bus stops for the local passengers and easier bus routes,” said Baxter, going on to say that the roadworks will massively benefit “businesses/local people for travelling times.”

Accordingly it will be “easier to get around”.

The TFL website states that the roads will be affected until mid January 2017.


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