Where’s the convenience in a convenience store?

Students at London Metropolitan University on Friday questioned whether picking up a weekly shop at their local mini mart was actually a convenience.

“I would like to give money to small places obviously, but if you’re in a rush and need different kinds of stuff, in a supermarket you can find all the stuff you want in the same place,” said Cecilla Dionisi, 20, a psychology student.

“Otherwise, you have to go for meat in a place, fish in another place…it’s just easier.”

There are many “local” branches of big franchise supermarkets in the Holloway Road area, including a couple of Tesco Metro’s and Sainsbury’s Local’s, a Morrison’s and various Waitrose branches.

The ratio of these, however, seems to be miniscule compared to the number of family run convenience stores every 20 to 30 yards you walk, so why is it that there seems to be a huge decline in people using these stores and instead popping to their local supermarket?


(Image courtesy of Creative Commons)

“It’s usually more expensive,” said Polly Sidoroba, also 20 and a friend and fellow class mate of Dionisi’s, when referring to local grocery stores.


(A Sainsbury’s Local on Holloway Road)

According to The Guardian, while major chain stores are expected to rise by 17% in the next five years, sales in independent mini markets (alike your local corner shop) have been declining by as much as 0.1% causing around 2,300 of them to close down all together.


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