Top Trumps

Students of London Metropolitan University voiced their opinions after Donald Trump attained his new found presidency this week following a successful yet questionable campaign.

wefefw(Image courtesy of Creative Commons)

Whitney Dieu, 24, Criminology

 How do you feel about Donald Trump’s new attained presidency?

“Why put a clown in such a high position of power?”
“Racism is going to be brought back up,”
“It’s stupid and pathetic,”
“He has no education of politics at all,”
“America’s going to suffer in the next four years.”

Do you think it will affect us in England, and why?

“I think with trading and also with British and European (people) going into America,”
“It will be used against us with entry to America.”

Jacob Mockett, 19, Criminology and Policing

“I was quite shocked,”
“Narcissistic, misogynistic, racist comments lead him to being president,”
“Then again it shows why American politics is messed up,”
“For a guy who’s been involved in politics for what, one year? It’s crazy.”

“It could lead to World War Three but I don’t reckon it will,”
“(His) campaign was driven with what could potentially happen.”

Laura Bromley, 19, BA Fashion

“America are absolute twats”
“Obviously, Hilary (Clinton) wasn’t good for the country but neither’s Trump, they’re stupid,”
“He only got in through electoral votes not popular votes,”
“I stayed up until eight o’clock in the morning to find out Donald Trump was president,”
“He’ll either do good or he’ll ruin it, I don’t think he’ll make a second term and if he does then…it’ll be on false promises.”

“Theresa May wants to be best mates with him, she isn’t doing great for the country (either),”
“I think there’ll be World War Three, I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think it’ll end well.”

KC Bowley, 19, Extended Sciences

“I think it’s disgusting that a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobe is what the American people chose to have as a president,”
“The apparent most powerful country in the world is now a complete joke,”
“I have seen memes on Facebook that are more intelligent than the whole of the Senet now is,”
“Considering experts have warned that Trump will start World War Three, I think it’s ridiculous that he could come into power.”

“We have such a strong relationship with America that everything they do; we will take into consideration,”
“With them having a republican and us being a conservative (government) it’s become a breeding ground for racism, and because Trump has been elected in America it means that people will be now comfortable with expressing their disgusting opinions and being racist.”

“He is the antichrist.”


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