Halloween – More than just a holiday

Halloween is more than just a holiday, as it takes careful planning and is not as simple as just picking out a costume and turning up, Holloway Road shoppers said today.


“I like thinking about how to make the costumes,” said Lucia Pla, 25, a retail assistant at Vivien of Holloway, a 1950’s style vintage clothing shop.


(Vivien of Holloway)

“It’s not part of my (religious) tradition but any excuse to dress up,” said Pla, whose creations have featured in publications such as the Daily Mail Weekend and OK! Magazine.

A customer at Vivien, Samantha Johnson, was in the middle of buying a Halloween costume of her own, and agreed with Pla. “It’s mostly an opportunity to dress up,” the 31-year-old Canadian said.


Johnson was assembling a pop up comic girl costume, and was purchasing a bundled up package of blue materials.

“Halloween is my favorite holiday…I go to different events every year,” she said, adding that this year she plans to attend a Halloween party at Proud in Camden.


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