Tattoo fans state that permanent ink isn’t just skin deep.


Getting a tattoo covered up with another tattoo is an easier and more beneficial option than paying for laser removal surgery, a Northern-based heavily “inked” body art enthusiast said yesterday.

“I got a cover up because laser removal is painful and there is a turn-around period between laser removal and getting the tattoos re-done,” Christopher Lister, a 27-year-old personal banker.

A big problem with the pain-inducing surgery is that tattoo lovers want fresh ink as soon as they can possibly get it, but the procedure does not allow the skin to be retouched for several months some cases have shown.

“I got cover ups because I got my arms tattooed at a very young age, with not much income,” said Lister, whose arms were covered with theatre masks and paw prints.

“I went to a guy that would do a lot and for cheap! The designs I got were tacky and the art work was abysmal!”

A recent survey carried out on “” stated that one of the reasons people seek cover ups is that they were, like Lister, too young when they got the tattoo. The same 2015 survey also showed that 23% of people interviewed regretted having a tattoo, a 9% increase from 2012.

Rita, a 28-year-old tattoo artist who has been working at Haunted on Holloway Road for eight years said that customers often ask to look through portfolios and flash cards to strike inspiration for their next piece.

She felt strongly that people shouldn’t get tattoos unless they’re positive it is something they’ll be happy with for the rest of their life. “I don’t recommend people getting a tattoo unless they’re certain it’s what they want,” said Rita, who declined to give her surname.

(Haunted Tattoos on Holloway Road)



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