Coffee prices in Holloway Road area not cool enough to swallow

Commuters and residents in the Holloway Road area complained that the price for a good cup of coffee is too high and simply “not good value for money” last week, posing questions as to whether a quick caffeine boost will soon be out of reach. One of the main groups effected by this are students at London Metropolitan University.

Maxine Imegbenebho, a 49 year old human nutrition student said that although she liked the setup of one of the various cafe’s on the university campus, she felt that the prices were too much. Maxine said “we are students but they don’t treat us like students” and that there is “no value for money”.

Maxine was not the only disgruntled one either. Passing by finance assistant Anita Hilter, 54 said that although she would visit Costa Coffee for the odd hot chocolate, she felt that they need to “lower their prices”. However Anita also made a very vaild point that depending on location, the prices of coffee may be higher.

Claudia Miranda, 33, who works as a waiter and barista at El Rincon Quiteño (a cafe oposite the Holloway Road campus at London Met) disagreed with the previous statements and said that her cafe provided the cheapest coffee in the area. She also stated that as well as having a £7 lunch menu her cafe also provided a £5 discounted meal deal especially for students, meaning they can get a hot meal and drink for a reasonable price. Despite this though, Claudia felt that students would much rather visit a fast food takeaway for a lunchtime snack or beverage displaying that even though there are cheaper alternatives for coffee in the area, people are simply not taking advantage of it.


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